Service Debiton

Create smart smart contracts on the blockchain of Free TON or Velas

By connecting to the service, you can create contracts and set auto write-off settings, every incoming payment goes to a smart contract and is unlocked every day and sends unlocked amounts to (your) wallet. The client who pays at any time can stop using your services, so keep an eye on the quality to prevent possible returns of TON Crystal or Velas. Connect

About us

There are a number of problems that Free TON or Velas has, not transparent fulfillment of partnership, competitive conditions. Ignoring them creates chaos, which can only be solved by a convenient service that can take on the task of vesting, canceling transactions (to the buyer) - if the seller has not fulfilled your conditions, then by entering the secret word you can return the rest of TON Crystal or Velas to your wallet from which you paid.

Transparency is just one of the many uses of blockchain technology.


If you are selling a product, service or doing a competitive work, then here's what we can offer you:


Below is a grid of tariffs, how much we take from payments, depending on your turnover

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